Welcome to BOAKS!

The mission of BOAKS is to brew beer that Brian Boak likes: mostly Belgian and British style beers. All our recipes stem from Brian’s days of homebrewing, and it is well known that homebrewers brew what they like. The same is true for BOAKS today.

BOAKS beers are not expected to win lots of gold medals, but that’s not to say people don’t like them. BOAKS beers are brewed to taste, not strict specifications. Strict specifications win Gold Medals; brewing great tasting beers win fans.

Try BOAKS beers! If you like them, please buy more. If you don’t, buy some other craft beers. Either way, enjoy great beer.


How BOAKS Began

In 1977 Brian Boak’s mom called him a Beer Snob. Little did she know how accurate she was! Back in 1977 he was drinking Molsen Golden Ale, when most kids were drinking the cheapest beer available. This was before Craft Beer existed and when Imported Beers were limited.

Over time Brian expanded his palate by trying lots of different beers. Beer of the Month club was a great way to try beers from all over the USA.

Jump forward to 1999. Brian’s kids bought him a Mr Beer homebrew kit. This is when BOAKS was really started. Instantly hooked, Brian began brewing 2 gallons of beer, which quickly expanded to 5 gallons, then 10 gallons, 20 gallons and a few 30 gallon batches. After a few years he moved to brewing All Grain batches. In 2002 Monster Mash became BOAKS’ first award winner: a First Place at a local beer festival. Several more events produced a several more awards. In 2005 Monster Mash won Best in Show at the NJ State Fair.

Eight years of home brewing and many awards later convinced Brian that he should share his beer with a greater audience. Today’s BOAKS beers are based on those years of brewing. BOAKS beers challenge taste buds with special attention being given to pairing beer with food.

Going Professional

The first commercial batch of BOAKS beer, Monster Mash, was brewed in December 2007. In January 2008 it was joined by Two Blind Monks, with both beers going on sale that February. Typical feedback at the time was people telling Brian he was crazy for starting with a 10% ABV, 100 IBU Russian Imperial Stout and a 7% Belgian Dubbel!

Later in 2008 Abbey Brown Ale was added to the mix, and in summer 2009 Double BW. In 2010 we started playing with Jack Daniels barrels, mixing Abbey Brown Ale with Jack Daniels barrels and Madagascar Vanilla Beans, resulting in Wooden Beanie.

But that’s not all! There will be many more beers to come…