January 3, 2015

BOAKS Lounge Newsletter

Right Now

Flamethrower will be kegged on Thursday. The Chipotle Peppers were put in on Tuesday before New Years. We had a small taste on Wednesday and they already started to flavor the beer. We look forward to tasting it on Tuesday to see how it has progressed. This will be a Draft Only version. Flamethrower will return for Cinco de Mayo. We hope to bottle some in 22 oz bottles. We expect Mountain Creek Ski Resort to have this on tap for the Winter. If you know another Ski Resort we would be happy to talk to them.

What we have been doing:

We have been enjoying some winter beers for the Holidays. Hopefully you had a great Holiday Season and enjoyed some of these limited beers.

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We are starting to set up store tasting for the next few months. Let us know if your store wants a BOAKS Tasting. If you know a bar or store that would like to have a BOAKS Event let us know and we will contact them.

What’s Next:

We will brew Wooden Beanie next. Expect to see it in Draft Only in late February.

Next Beers

Flamethrower (1/8/15)
Wooden Beanie (2/15)
Blunderbore (3/15)
Jan’s Porter (Late 2015)

Latter this year, look for some of our draft only beers to arrive in 22oz bottles (Wooden Beanie, Abbey Brown and others).

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