Examples of results from a comprehensive Lifestyle and Risk Analysis

1) Saved a client $10,000 on a $17,000 premium by recommending to increase the deductible to $10,000. Client’s net worth exceeded $100 million.

2) Trust was not named on a $10 million Florida home (see case study for possible issues).

3) During a $5 million renovation/addition to a $15 million home it was discovered the client did not have a Course of Construction Policy and the builder’s coverage was inadequate for the job.

4) Client with a $46 million net worth and $5 million annual income from real estate LLCs had a $1 million excess liability policy.

5) Upon review I discovered the client had limited Mold Coverage ($10,000). I explained that mold can be very expensive to repair and go unnoticed for an extended period of time, particularly with a stucco exterior. Working with the broker, I reviewed several options up to the full value of the home. The client decided on $100,000 in coverage; two years later the insurance company looked at a new claim for the home and wrote a check for $100,000.


Insurance Fiduciary, P&C