March 30, 2015

BOAKS Lounge Newsletter

BOAKS wins in Atlantic City

March 20th & 21 celebrated the 10th Annual Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival. As expected, Jon Henderson and Good Time Tricycle put on an EXCELENT show. BOAKS walked away with an Award for Monster Mash and another for Wooden Beanie. We brought just enough beer this year. We started with over 110 gallons of beer (about 50 cases), when the event was over we had about 2 gallons left (less than a case). That was a close call. Next time we will have to bring more beer. This is no ordinary Beerfest. You have 150 breweries, Great Bands & Food, Yoga, Sand Creations, Silent Disco, Educational Seminars, Beard & Mustache Competition, Toilet Bowl Races, Field Goal Kicking, Bucking Bull, Dunk the Lady and lots more. Don’t forget the After Parties!! Set your sights for next year. I believe it will be March 18th & 19th, but don’t quote me on that.

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No, we are not getting fat from all the beer we are putting through Quality Control. As many of you know, we work with other breweries to brew the recipes that Brian Boak creates. It saved us a ton of money from buying an entire brewery, we do own a few 30bbl fermenters. Plus, almost every brewery owner I know hired someone to brew their beer so they can run the business and be the front man to promote and sell the beer. So I skipped the brick & mortar stage of owning the brewery and hired the brewer to brew the recipes I create. BOAKS just signed up our 2nd brewery. We are proud to announce that Free Will Brewing Co in Perkasie PA will brew some of our beers starting in May. Most of the beers will be new styles, but we will move Abbey Brown and Wooden Beanie production over there (yes, we will bottle some). Our current line of beers will stay with High Point Brewery where our 30bbl fermenters are. Look for the following styles over the course of the summer and fall: Porter, English Mild, Saison, Triple, Sour, Belgian Pale and others. We will also start putting some limited release beers in 22oz bottles. In addition, we are talking to another brewery about a collaborative brew. Look for that beer in the late summer.

This additional production will provide more beer for New Jersey & PA and facilitate future distribution to the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. Eventually we will go to NY. If you want to help with this growth, continue reading.
To facilitate this expansion we will start a Kickstarter type campaign in mid to late April to raising $25,000 for the following items and maybe some other stuff:

  • Wrap the Chevy 3500 Van we just bought to carry the increased production in BOAKS, think of it as a 18 ft driving BOAKS billboard
  • 100+ more kegs to get the beer to you
  • A 4 head bottle filler for 22oz bottles so limited release beers can be bottled
  • Deposit on Beer to get the production flowing quicker

By participating in our campaign we will provide you with levels of BOAKS Awards. The more you help, the more interesting the Award. Starting with BOAKS Coasters, Tap Handles, Glassware and Clothing, your name on a keg, “Quality Control” with Brian, Help on bottling day, Brewing a Test Batch with BOAKS and other cool Awards.


Starting April 2nd on Sundance Channel the second season of The Red Road begins. The show is based in the Mahwah NJ area. We were asked to supply some BOAKS items to add some local color to the show. We believe our beer will be in 2 of 6 episodes. Watch the show and spot BOAKS Beer and other BOAKS items. It will be like a “Where’s Waldo” game. Let us know when you spot a BOAKS item. It is more then just beer bottles.
On May 2nd Brian Boak will be on What’s on Tap with Gary Monterosso. The show will air from 1-2pm on Comcast Channel 22 in South Jersey, 1240AM on the Radio and on the internet, Live at or On Demand at

BOAKS on the Radio

Friday April 10th at 8:30am we will be on My Beer Buzz. This radio show is on 103.1 WILK, Northeast PA Talk Radio. The show is only 15 minutes so do not tune in late

April 10th: BOAKS will have 7 beers on tap at Garfield’s in Selinsgrove, PA. Come talk with Brian Boak and enjoy our beers.

  • April 11th: Taming of the Brew in Bloomsburg, PA
  • April 18th: Electric City Brewfest at Montage Mountain, PA
  • May 9th: Mount Hope Brewfest, Manheim, PA (Ren Fest)
  • May 30th: International Great Beer Festival, Navy Yard, Philly
  • June 27th: Brew at the Zoo, Turtle Back Zoo, East Orange, NJ
  • July 14th: BOAKS Tap Takeover, 381 Main Bar & Grill, Little Falls, NJ
  • July 18th: Selinsgrove Brewfest, Selinsgrove, PA
  • December 5th: Valley Forge Beer & Cider Festival, Greater Philly Expo Center, Oak, PA