Brewery & Distillery Consulting

Risk Management and Insurance Consultation:

A safe brewery/distillery goes a long way toward happy and healthy employees and patrons, and keeping your insurance premiums down. Being involved in craft beer for over 20 years and insurance for 30, I can provide risk management  to reduce exposures and analysis to make sure you have the correct insurance coverage for your needs.

Festival Consultation:

The time commitment for a festival could total 20-30 man hours (or more) between prep, packing, drive time (there and back), festival time, pack up and cleaning the equipment. With over 100 festivals under my belt I can work with you to make your time spent at a festival valuable. Show you how to get the best bang for your buck and not spend a lot of money doing it. There are tricks I have learned. Services include pre-fest meeting to discuss strategy and equipment needed (potential loan of equipment if you don’t have it), attendance at festival to provide hands on festival training for you and your employees, post-fest recap meeting. Additional services available as needed.

Start Up Brewery/Distillery Consultation:

Are you looking to get into the craft beverage industry. Not sure if you want to start your own operation, contract with an existing brewery/distillery, production volume, what insurance is needed and a million other questions. I can work with you, filter ideas and make sure you go on a track that makes the most sense based on goals and expertise.


The Brewers/Distillers Roundtable

We are the premiere learning organization for small and mid-size craft breweries/distilleries.  We focus on all facets of owning, operating and running a brewery/distillery. Our goal is to learn from each other’s wins and losses to arrive at best practices for your business.  Membership is only open to brewery/distillery owners or management level employees.  We discuss high level issues such as but not limited to Distribution, Inventory Management, Growth, Supplies, Equipment, Event Strategy, Employee Issues and other topics your group want to discuss. Legislative and Guild discussions are excluded.

The group is run by Brian P Boak, (past owner of BOAKS Beer)

What is The Roundtable?
A peer-learning forum open to owners of breweries/distilleries. The Brewers/Distillers Roundtable covers all facets of running a brewery/distillery including, distribution, inventory management, growth, promotion, tasting rooms, supplies, equipment, event strategy, employee issues and general management challenges. Discussion are set based on attendee interest and moderated to keep the conversation going.

How long are the meetings?
The meetings are 60 to 90 minutes with a Hard Stop at 90 minutes so you can plan your day/night. We start on time and end on time!!

Where are the meetings?
Meeting locations rotate between active members’ breweries/distilleries to keep travel time fair for all.

How big are the groups?
Discussion groups are limited to a twelve members to ensure a good mix of experience and productive conversation.

Why join?
Nobody is great at everything. The Brewers/Distillers Roundtable members learn from each other’s experiences to discover best practices for their own brewery/distillery.

What is required to join?
While there is no fee, the size-limited structure of meetings requires members to commit to attend a vast majority of The Brewers/Distillers Roundtable meetings.

How often are the meeting?
Meetings are held every other month. Contact us for the date and location of the next meeting.

Brian P. Boak, CPRIA, CLU, LUTCF
Zymurgy Risk Advisor