The Brewers Roundtable

The Brewers Roundtable is a moderated peer-learning forum for brewery owners. We meet via video conference. We focus on all facets of owning, operating and running a brewery. The discussion is set by brewery owners on each call. Current meeting discussion involve reopening in a COVID-19 world in addition to general operations discussions. Our goal is to learn from each other’s wins and losses to arrive at best practices for your business. We discuss high level issues such as but not limited to Distribution, Inventory Management, Growth, Supplies, Equipment, Event Strategy, Employee Issues and other topics your group want to discuss. Brian Boak (former owner of BOAKS Beer and on the UVT Craft Beer Program Advisory Board) moderates the conversation to keep it moving and productive. Legislative and Guild discussions are excluded.

Discussion groups average twelve breweries to ensure a productive conversation.

Nobody is great at everything. The Brewers Roundtable members learn from each other’s experiences to discover best practices for their own brewery.

We run a NJ Specific group and a National Group. Happy to set up other State Specific groups. If you want to discuss or join email

A breweries first meeting is FREE!!! This way you can understand the value. Subsequent meetings are $8 per brewery (not per person). No subscription. Only pay for meetings you attend or want to watch after as they are recorded. Would you pay the cost of a beer or two to help your brewery and help other brewery owners at the same time?

How long are the meetings? Video meetings are 60-90 minutes (based on the groups request). We start on time and end on time!!

Why join? Nobody is great at everything. The Brewers Roundtable members learn from each other’s experiences to discover best practices for their own brewery.

How often are the meeting? Virtual meetings are held either weekly or every other week, depending on the groups desire.

Some of the items discussed at previous Roundtable meetings:

  • Reopening Procedures and Processes
  • What kills COVID to sterilize breweries?
  • PPE
  • What Online store works and what does not
  • Contract Hop sharing
  • ABC Inspections
  • Business Interruptions Insurance
  • Hires & Non-Owned Auto for deliveries using personal cars
  • Crowler Machines & Crowler Shortage
  • T-Shirt Suppliers
  • Point of Sale Systems & Square tracking of beer sold
  • Tax Filings
  • Out of Code/Spoiled beer
  • Keg Leasing discussion
  • Virtual Beerfest, Beer Tasting/Education
  • Co-Op buying
  • Grain prices, delivery options
  • Can Growler Exchanges work
  • Can sharing for breweries that are awaiting can orders but are out
  • Lots of other items

About Brian Boak

Brian’s mom called him a “Beer Snob” in 1977 before there was craft beer. He started homebrewing in 1999 with a $25 MrBeer™ kit and helping out in a brewery in 2000. Eventually BOAKS Beer would be distributed throughout NJ and PA. After closing BOAKS in 2016, Brian founded the Brewers Roundtable, a peer-learning forum for brewery owners.

With over 30 years in insurance/risk management and over 20 years with breweries, Brian has advised breweries and distilleries on insurance, risk management, festivals and other items.

Brian P. Boak
Zymurgy Risk Advisor