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The Missing Piece of Financial Planning – Property and Casualty

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1) EisnerAmper
Date: June 26th
Time: 12:30 pm Eastern
Location: Iselin NJ Private event for EisnerAmper employees
Speaker: Brian P. Boak
2) The Estate Planning Council of New York City
Date: October 3, 2019 
Time: 12-1:30 Lunch and Learn
Location: USI, 261 Madison Ave, 6th Floor, NY NY
Speaker: Brian P. Boak
Reservations Required
3) Cal Lutheran University
Date: October/November 2019
Time: Based on Class Schedule
Location: Webinar
Speaker: Brian P. Boak
4) The Estate Planning Council of Bergen County
Date: October/November 2019
Time: 5pm
Location: TBD
Speaker: Brian P. Boak
5) William Paterson University
Date: November 2019
Time: TBD
Location: WPU, 1600 Valley Road, Wayne NJ
Speaker: Brian P. Boak

Chubb’s recent research found that only 28% of financial advisors address their clients’ P&C insurance needs, even though 77% of successful individuals want their advisors to provide that support and nearly 40% would consider switching to an advisor who provided it.

Key Takeaways:
1) Many advisors to the highly successful mistakenly assume clients have no P&C issues; or they assume specialized knowledge is required to begin the conversation.
2) Asking the appropriate discovery questions can uncover weaknesses in the client’s property and casualty coverage.
3) Advisors should develop a property and casualty client experience process to consistently address clients’ needs.

In The Missing Piece of Financial Planning – Property and Casualty™ , you will understand how property and casualty exposures relate to comprehensive wealth management and estate planning. What good is estate protecting trusts and LLC’s, perfect asset allocation, correctly structured life insurance and a perfectly set up estate plan, if an uncovered property or liability claim can wipe out several million dollars of assets under management. As clients grow, their risks get more complex and they could outgrow their coverage or their broker. We will examine the Top Ten Risk Management Questions advisors should be asking their clients in reference to property and casualty and why they matter. We will review the most common property and casualty mistakes made by the affluent along with some of the specialty coverage they may need based on their lifestyle. We will finish up with a Case Study of how wrong things can go when the property and casualty advisor is not brought into the wealth management/estate planning team.

Brian Boak has been in the insurance industry for over thirty years with the last nineteen working with advisors of highly successful families on their property and casualty. This program is presented at Advanced Planning Education Group (APEG), Financial Planning Association’s National Conference, Cal Lutheran, Texas Tech & William Paterson University, Estate Planning Councils along with other firms and organizations. Brian is the Past President of the Estate Planning Council of Rockland County and on the Board and the current Membership Chair for the Estate Planning Council of New York City. Brian is the founder of BOAKS Advisors, a Private Client Risk Management firm in the property and casualty space. Brian recently joined USI Insurance Services to expand his ability to serve highly successful families and their advisors.

Program Length: 1 hour
Recommended Audience: Family Office, CPA’s, T&E Lawyers, Wealth Advisors and other Advisors of High Net Worth Families

BOAKS Advisors

Brian P. Boak, Chartered Private Risk and Insurance Advisor
Private Client Risk Manager, P&C